Getting to and from Karpathos from your point of departure, and reserving accomodation on the island, is a task no one relishes. The information posted in this section will seek to assist you in deciding the most convenient, cost effective, least stressful manner in which to make our wedding in Karpathos.

The best way to get to Greece from any destination (domestic of international) is getting to the capital city of Greece - Athens. Athens is a world class destination and easy hub for those wishing to get to Greece.

For those needing to coordinate a flight from the US or Germany to Athens, Greece, please contact us. Tika (CTS International, Tel.: +1-412-391-0413) are our travel agents for our wedding and they will do their utmost to assist in getting the best price for those seeking to come to Karpathos.

From Athens, there are two ways to get to island of Karpathos: fly or take a ferry.

Flying from Athens to Karpathos takes about an hour. There are daily flights from Athens to Karpathos on Olympic Airways. Please click on the links under Greek flights for flight information.

Taking a ferry from Athens (the port or Piraeus) to Pigadia, Karpathos takes about 20 hours. Alternatively you could fly to Rhodos or Crete from Athens or with a Charter flight from other european countries and then take a shorter ferry trip from Rhodos (approx. 5 1/2 hours) or Sitia in Crete. Please click on the link Greek Ferries to view your options.

Once in Karpathos, accomodation throughout your stay is essential. Please click on the link Karpathos Hotels to search a database of various types of accomodation on the island. If you need assistance in coordinating your accomodation needs, please contact us.

Getting around on the island of Karpathos is sometimes not that easy. The island has a rudimentary bus system, but many of the various cities/towns are relatively close to one another. Our wedding ceremony and reception will be in the village of Othos. The dinner, dance and evening reception will be at the Pine Tree Restaurant, close to the village of Lefkos. If you wish to rent a car for a few days while on the island (it is a great way to see the island), please click on the link Karpathos Rental Cars for further information.

Once you get there, the island has much to offer: sun, beaches, festivals, good food, local wine, beautiful sunsets, hospitable people, great night life, fresh seafood, and some of the most picturesque vistas in the world!

PS: When searching on-line for flights, the three-letter airport code for Karpathos is AOK.